Arden Lodge


Owners: John and Judy Stiven

Location: Tapanui, West Otago

How did you get started in breeding?


Arden Lodge was started by John’s parents Doug and Noreen Stiven. They operated a milkrun in Tapanui and bred from their first mare in 1969. In 1974 they registered the name ‘Arden’ with the New Zealand Trotting Conference. In 2001 Doug passed away and John helped Noreen to continue, doing the hands on work and also in an advisory capacity. Noreen passed away in 20012.

Name of first broodmare:


Stormy Star

Is your priority to breed your horses for racing or to sell at the Yearling sales?


Mainly we sell at the sales, keeping a filly from time to time to race and retain as a broodmare, and in the last few years we have formed syndicates to race with family and friends which has added to the overall business of Arden Lodge.

What do you consider the best horse you have had?


2015 Broodmare Excellence Award winner Winter Rose—Winter has produced Bettor’s Strike, Rocknroll Arden, Southwind Arden, Arden’s Choice, Bella Arden, Winter Strike, and Garden Rose.John has a soft spot for Rocknroll Arden.

Which horse has excited you most on the track


Both Rocknroll Arden and now Arden’s Choice she just tries so hard and is our top earning filly retained on purpose for the broodmare band ( and it’s been great to share the racing experience with our friends the Roseveares )
The race which sticks in your mind the most of all Arden wins


The New Zealand Cup as breeders of Arden Rooney
Best horse that was sold away from the Sales:


Arden Meadow—won the WA Derby in 1986.


Best priced yearlings sold at the Sales:


  • Arden Roanoke  - Art Major colt out of Rocknroll Arden $155,000
    Arden’s Place—an Artsplace colt out of Winter Rose $110, 000
    Arden’s Ruler—a Bettor’s Delight colt out of Achieve A Dream $100,000
    Bettor’s Strike—a Bettor’s Delight colt out of Winter Rose $70,000


Highest priced filly sold at the Sales:


Arden Banner—a Christian Cullen out of Arden’s Dream $55,000

Best performed colt sold through the Sales:


Bettor’s Strike

Best performed filly through the Sales:


Arden Banner

Are there any horses that went through the ring at the sales that didn’t sell?


Arden Rooney, Arden’s Darlin and First Class Arden

Favourite all time stallions:



  • Bettor’s Delight—proud to have bred two of his first two stars in Bettor’s Strike and Arden’s Darlin
    Somebeachsomewhere– currently the hottest stud on the planet who we have supported since the start of his career. Panspacificflight—as we had a hand in getting him down-under via frozen semen and have bred his first Group 1 winner. Also looking forward to seeing Net 10 Eom stock performing on the track.

What new season sires are you most excited about?


Sweet Lou—we saw him race at the Meadowlands, New York. He is quite possibly the most amazing racehorse to be available here (he’s from the same top shelf as Somebeachsomewhere)

Captain Treacherous – and hope to be able to access Always B Miki in the new season of 2017 1.46 record holder

How important do you feel it is to breed to a stallion that will possibly leave two year olds?


It is a consideration but we have horses that have been very good at two but also some of the best have taken more time to mature. As a vendor at the Sales it is an important factor.

How important do you feel research is in choosing a stallion for your mare?


Judy tells me I spend a lot of time on the internet in the name of research. Essential!

How important is stallion size?


I don’t consider size to be as important as speed and race performance, and as the bloodline.

Do you prefer to see the stallion in the flesh?


Yes if possible. We have been lucky enough to see most of best of the current stallions in the flesh on trips to the US.

As a professional breeder how often do you buy outside mares to broaden your breeding stock?


Over the years we have been able to access some nice mares to lift our broodmare band quality.Bayswater 1970s Cardigan Bay family, Evasion 1980s Queen Ngaio family, Winter Rose late 1990s Tosca Hanover and L’oiseau de Nuit early 2000s Black Watch family and Tuapeka Art recently Sakuntala family Real Wings and Raindowne recently Mains Lady family 2015.Now 2017 we have purchased Venus Serena to lift our broodmare band again.

Awards of Note:


2015 NZ Broodmare Excellence - Winter Rose
Southland Broodmare Awards: Arden Regal, Arden’s Dream, Winter Rose.

What feed plan do you follow when rearing your foals?


Green West Otago pastures, lucerne hay from Central Otago, chaff and oats grown locally.

Would you consider breeding trotters?


Yes. We got Surfin Sunsation close relation to Sky Valley and Allegro Agitato but unfortunatley missed to Love You.

What do you enjoy most about breeding horses?


The total process from researching the pedigrees and stallions, to rearing foals, to seeing them succeed at the races. And the people in the game that you get to meet.

What do you consider to be the most challenging aspect about breeding today?


Trying to predict what ‘product’ buyers will be wanting in two / three years time.The high cost of retaining fillies to race before breeding from them.

Broodmare Band and stallion/mare/foaled/served by:   

Walton Hanover Tosca Hanover  colt Bettor’s Delight – Bettor’s Delight.


In The Pocket Winter Rose colt Somebeachsomewhere – not served.

In the Pocket Achieve A Dream Sweet Lou filly – not served.

In The Pocket Young Tegan  colt A Rocknroll Dance – Sweet Lou.

Christian Cullen L’oiseau de Nuit colt Bettor’s Delight – Bettor’s Delight.

Bettor’s Delight Arden’s Darlin colt died Somebeachsomewhere – Panspacificflight.

Artsplace Ardenart filly Panspacificflight – Bettor’s Delight.

Bettor’s Delight Southwind Arden colt Somebeachsomewhere – Captain Trecherous.


Artsplace Ardensplace filly Somebeachsomewhere – Bettor’s Delight.

Rocknroll Hanover Rocknroll Arden  colt Somebeachsomewhere – Bettor’s Delight.

Rocknroll Hanover Rockahula Arden colt Somebeachsomewhere – Bettor’s Delight.

Art Major Tuapeka Art filly Shadyshark Hanover missed Somebeachsomewhere.

Badlands Hanover Real Wings  colt Somebeachsomewhere – Bettor’s Delight.

Life Sign Raindowne served by Bettor’s Delight.


Mach Three Venus Serena  served by Art Major.


Well Said  Articulate Arden  served by Bettor’s Delight.


Somebeachsomewhere Arden’s Rose  served by Panspacificflight.


Trotter Surfin Sunsation missed.

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