Andrew Armour

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Stable attached to:

Other stables worked at:
Graham Court, Brent Lilley, Murray Brown and David Butt.

When did you start driving?
2000-2001 season.

Who has had the most influence on your career?
Brent Lilley and Murray Brown.

How many winners have you driven?
277 (End of the 2016-2017 season)

Your best season - how many winners did you drive?
2009/2010  -  33 winners
Best pacer driven?
Beaudiene Bad Babe

Best trotter driven?
Game Bid.

Biggest race/stake won?
Caduceus Club of Southland Two Year Old Fillies on Beaudiene Bad Babe and Westport Cup.

Best Southland horse you've seen racing?
Roman Gladiator/Beaudiene Bad Babe.

Your current sponsor?
Murdoch Refrigeration.

Favourite course?
Addington -Just a nice track and Wyndham - can win from anywhere.

Your preference - mobile or standing starts?
Mobiles. Standing starts are inconsistent.

Most harrowing driving experience?
Driving Carla Jaccka this season and falling when I was about to go to the front.

What race would you most like to win?
New Zealand Cup.

Which New Zealand driver do you most admire?
David Butt - For his ability to rate a horse.

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