Brent Barclay

Brent_Barclay_new_200_x_300.jpgFACT SHEET

Stable attached to:
Lauren Pearson.

Other stables worked at:
W.Adams, N. Creighton, K. Larsen, B. Baynes and my father.

Have you worked in harness racing overseas?
Worked in Queensland for D. Graham and Grant Dixon.

When did you start driving?

Who has had the most influence on your career?
My father.

How many winners have you driven?
633 (End of 2016-2017 season)

Your best season - how many winners did you drive?
2002/03  -  51 winners
Best pacer driven?

Editor's note: Brent drove Corumba to win 6 races - $20,000. 1995 Kindergarten Stakes at Wyndham, and $50,000. 1995 Welcome Stakes at Addington.

Best trotter driven?
Be Not Afraid

Biggest race/stake won?
Welcome Stakes  -  ($50,000.)

Best Southland horse you've seen racing?
Honkin Vision

Your current sponsor?
Cruickshank Pryde

Favourite course?
Invercargill. I've won most of my races there.

What Southland race would you most like to win?
Invercargill Cup. It's the major local cup and the best one to win.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge facing Harness Racing in Southland?
Stakes and keeping owners.


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