Kirk Larsen

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Whose stable are you attached to?
Own and freelance driver.

Other stables worked at?
Bryce Buchanan.

Editors note: Larsen started driving for the Buchanan stable in the 1984-85 season and his first winner was Smart Henry at Forbury Park in January 1985. Smart Henry was trained by Sam Balloch.

Have you ever worked in harness racing overseas?
Yes. Greg Harper -Perth.

When did you start driving?
When I was about 16.

Who has had the most influence on your career so far?
The people closest to me.

How many winners have you driven?
523 (End of the 2016-2017 season).

What was your best season?
1994-95  26 wins.

Best pacer driven?
Howard Bromac
Best trotter driven?
Diamond Field.

Editor's note: Larsen only drove Diamond Field twice, and had a win at  Ascot Park in December 1992, beating David Moss and Maggie Blue.

Biggest race/stake won?
Auckland Cup

Editor's note: When Howard Bromac won the Auckland Cup he earned $159,565 for his connections.

Who is your current sponsor?

Name your favourite course:
Any course I can win races on suits me!!

Preference - mobiles or standing starts?
Mobiles - less chance of interference.

Most harrowing driving experience:
New Zealand Sires Stakes Final - Crashed on Patchwood Star.

What race would you most like to win?
New Zealand Cup - Holy Grail of New Zealand Harness Racing.

What do you love about Harness Racing in Southland?
Most of the people involved in the trotting scene in Southland are genuine people.

What New Zealand driver do you most admire?
Anthony Butt - He is a very good horseman in every sense of the word.

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