Standing Start – 2400m

STAKE $12,000


To be held on Sunday 12th November 2017

by the Wyndham HRC at Young Quinn Raceway



For non-win (MR) or unqualified trotters or trotters with one win for lifetime aged three years and older at the closing of nominations for the Northern Southland TC meeting to be held on Saturday 7 October 2017.



  1. Open to all trotters aged three years old and older that have never won a race (non-winners, MR), or have one win for lifetime.


  1. To be eligible to start in the Gold Chip Championship Trot  a horse must start in at least one Non-Winners race or an open trot race  run by the following Southern Harness Racing Clubs (Northern Southland TC, Gore HRC, Tuapeka HRC, Invercargill HRC, Riverton TC) in the period from 7th October 2017 through to the 5th November 2017.


  1. Field selection for the Gold Chip Championship will operate as follows: all winners of non-win (MR) trotting races or 1 win trotters for lifetime who win an open trot will gain automatic qualification into the final. The remainder of the field will be selected based on points earned at the aforementioned meetings in non-win trotting races.


  1. Points will be awarded as follows: 5 for a second placing, 3 for a third placing and 1 for a fourth placing.  If at final acceptance time a tie for points exists, Club discretion will apply.


  1. The $ 12,000 Gold Chip Championship Trot will raced be over 2400m, from a standing start, with a discretionary handicap and back mark of 30 metres.


  1. Horses that have automatically qualified for the Gold Chip Championship will be ineligible to compete in any other race at the Wyndham HRC meeting on 12th November 2017.


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